An amazing video about how to invest

If you have 25 minutes watch Morgan Housel of the Motley Fool interview Barry Ritholz. These guys hit the nail on the head. The stuff they talk about is so true and invaluable. Take some time and just listen you will not regret it.

Why is the number $441,000,000 so important?

Politicians should just put stickers on themselves like they do at NASCAR. Disturbing reading which helps explain why our government is so dysfunctional.    

How to evaluate your financial advisor

Just looking at your return compared to an index does not tell you the real value of your advisors benefit to your financial health…. Look at the big picture: Many advisers provide a range of services—from helping clients find a mortgage to helping them create a lifelong financial plan—that go beyond investing.                                         As such, it…

How can an extra 1% lead to building wealth over time?

A great New Years resolution. Instead of drastically changing your budget, pledge to increase your retirement contributions by 1% each year. This painless strategy will have enormous effects on your wealth over a decade.