It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

No matter who the president is, YOU are the one responsible for your retirement planning. Don’t let your political beliefs keep you from reaching your goals. Do something positive.  Turn off the talk radio and read this week’s awesome links.

Some of the best places to retire are also some of the most affordable. CNBC

You may be able to have lower RMD’s if these rules past but all is not good. InvestmentNews

Here is a way for retirees to avoid trouble with the IRS. Money

Surprise! The middle class are the largest contributors to IRA’s. The Big Picture

Future retirement spending is hard to predict. The Retirement Cafe

There are no bad 401(k) plans. Dan McConlogue

Set rules for retirement withdrawals are fraught with danger. MarketWatch

A Hybrid LTC policy may be right for you. The Wall Street Journal

Will this be the new model for public school teacher’s retirement plans? SJR

Most don’t need permanent life insurance. A Teachable Moment