It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

You may never be called in for a congressional background check but you will have to plan for a decades-long retirement. Start now by reading this week’s fantastic links.


1/3 of Americans have zero saved for retirement. The Big Picture

Universal Life Insurance could damage your retirement plans. The Wall Street Journal

When people age they may have to give up control of their finances to avoid ruin. Above The Market

How much should have saved for retirement according to your age? CNBC

The median American household net worth is $97,300. The Financial Samurai

How to decide when to take retirement benefits. AARP

Early retirement may not be the dream you think it is. MarketWatch

It doesn’t matter how much money you saved if you aren’t happy. A Teachable Moment

Don’t compare your finances to others if you want to be content. Pete The Planner