June 2024

Envy Is Not An Asset Class

There is nothing so disturbing to one’s well-being and judgment as to see a friend get rich. – Charles Kindleberger Comparison is the thief of joy. Rising wealth is both a blessing and a curse. Soaring expectations distract us from happiness. Often, circumstances don’t matter. What’s important is how much stuff the other guy possesses….

I’ve Got Better Things To Do…..When Is My Retirement?

You won’t know it’s the last time when you do something for the last time. Embrace the moment by reading this week’s terrific retirement links. Don’t stop experimenting during retirement. Retirement Manifesto You will never find happiness walking on the hedonic treadmill. More To That Most retirees desire to age in place. HousingWire How to…

Not In My Back Yard

The Iron Law of Supply and Demand is Indestructible. We try our best to alter the equation but fail miserably. Low supply and high demand lead to exorbitant pricing. Housing isn’t immune to Economics – 101. People search for simple answers to complex problems. Our housing dilemma requires a history lesson, not a sound byte….

It’s The Same Old Theme….When Is My Retirement?

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but taking chances by going forward instead of retreating into safety gives the best opportunity for success. Take a step in the right direction by reading this week’s terrific retirement links. Life can get in the way of the best financial plan. A Wealth of Common Sense Retirement is ever-changing…