Malice, With Love

About a decade ago, my first blog was born.

Bloodied but Unbowed launched in all its glory.

Don’t remember it?

I designed this blog myself. (You can see where this train wreck is heading.)

It was supposed to be an eclectic mix of politics and economics.

In reality, it was poorly written rantings of extremely questionable value to society.

A complete dumpster fire.

The only positive, nobody read it. It’s since been banished to the dustbin of the internet.

Next stop, the infamous Malice For All.

The site’s design is legendary in our office. Especially with Mike, Kris, and especially Josh.


It wasn’t the content, (which Josh liked,)  It’s threatening and downright hostile design inexplicably escaped my attention.

To his credit, Josh saw potential despite the obvious rough edges.

He reached out to me a couple of times and generously offered free advice about a name change.

Dina and I were caught up in running a two-person RIA firm. His sage words got lost in the clutter.

Once we joined the gang at R.W.M., Malice was mercifully euthanized.

Professional web designers and graphic artists were rushed to the web design crime scene.

With Josh’s help, A Teachable Moment was born.

While still a work in progress, I would like to think it’s miles ahead of my previous endeavours.

Hard to believe it’s almost three years since it’s inception.

I started something ten years ago to bring justice to individual investors who are viciously exploited by financial salespeople posing as investment advisors. Especially public school teachers.

Our goal is helping the voiceless millions. The north star of the blog.

I was asked to speak at the October 12th meeting in Wahington D.C. of the CFP’s Public Policy Council.

The  Council serves an advisory role on public policy issues affecting CFP Board, CFP® professionals and members of the public.

Many esteemed retirement experts will also attend the day-long conference.

They want me to opine  “on my unique, on-the-ground experiences with 403(b) plans and access to retirement plans.” 

A Teachable Moment is what got their attention.

Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore.

Quite a long way from the nightmare that was Bloodied but Unbowed and the terrifying appearance of Malice.

Despite it all, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Evolution moves at its own pace.

None of this would be possible without the help of my colleagues, Josh, Barry, Ben, Michael, and of course, Dina. This group now includes the powerful additions of Tadas, Nick and Blair.

They set a high bar. There was no choice but to up my game.  I am forever grateful and honoured to write on the same platform with these amazingly talented but more importantly, great people.  Especially my role models, Barry and Josh, who are the original and trendsetting pioneers of financial blogging.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for helping me reign in my passion and channel it productively.  The impossible has become reality.

No more need for bloodstained graphics.

With malice towards none,