Everyday Is Like Monday…..When Is My Retirement?

Eventually, there will be a vaccine for the pandemic. There aren’t a group of scientists working on creating your retirement plan. That’s up to you. Start by reading this week’s terrific links.

Is the first person who will live to 150 alive today? Wall Street Journal

Less than 50% of employers have adopted the new provisions of the CARES act. CNBC

Many Americans will need to retire much earlier than they’ve planned. Financial Advisor

Republicans and older Americans don’t seem to think the Coronavirus will impact their finances. MarketWatch

You will have more money for retirement if you don’t do this. Abandonded cubicle

Don’t fall for these Coronavirus scams. Creative Planning

The CARES act may provide an escape hatch to a terrible 403(b) plan. 403bwise

Just letting business’ go bankrupt during this crisis would be awful for retirement savers. The Reformed Broker

Things to consider if your company offers you an early-retirement package. Barron’s

There are always good things that come from even the worst of times. A Teachable Moment