Wake Up And Choose Violence

Focused intention is a violent way of achieving results.

Lasering in on tasks with deadly resolve takes no prisoners.

Connor McGregoring, your next-door neighbor, isn’t part of the process.

Early rising intention spreads 24/7 shrapnel.

Morning routines aren’t just for the insufferable trying to not so humble brag their way into making you feel bad.

They work.

Disclaimer: This post is a douche bag/ self-aggrandizing free zone. I’m self-aware enough that my days of impressing anyone with my physical conditioning have long passed their expiration date. I’m a flawed human being who found tranquility here. I hope you do the same. 

Finding a routine fitting your personality isn’t easy.

Failure to do so isn’t an option.

Ryan Holiday concurs.

The truth is that a good routine isn’t only a source of great comfort and stability; it’s the platform from which stimulating and fulfilling work is possible. 

My day begins with deep breathing exercises that take about 18 minutes.

Energizing the body and finding comfort in discomfort pays many dividends.

At first, holding my breath for 45 seconds was torturous.

Presently four minutes is the new normal.

Sidenote -Practicing this in the water or driving a car won’t end well.

Here’s a link. 

20-25 minutes of mediation is the perfect antidote to stress-induced retention.

The absence of self obliterates all aspects of ego.

Understanding the impermanent pattern of passing energy arising in consciousness generates a hard stop on perceived delusions of grandeur.

Sam Harris has a terrific app. 

Working out is integral for a healthy body and mind.

Varying routines between strength, flexibility, cardio, and boxing workouts keep things fresh.

Here are my two favorite Apps.

Showering consists of hot water followed by cold generating numerous beneficial side effects.

After the initial shock gradually resides,  it becomes strangely soothing.

Drinking a shake filled with greens, blueberries, carrots, soy milk, flaxseed, and other assorted micronutrients finishes things.

The results include but aren’t limited to confidence, concentration, empathy, long-term thinking, patience, and willpower.

Finding wealth by conditioning your mind and body puts things in proper perspective.

It’s impossible to fulfill the potential of monetary assets with a fearful, scattered brain and broken frame.

This routine is far from selfish. It brings enormous benefits to all.

Learning not to lose your shit makes for a more enjoyable experience for all stakeholders.

There isn’t a more preferable way for maximizing clients’ wealth than keeping them alive to enjoy it.

Starting every planning meeting by stressing the importance of health hits home.

Forget about lifestyle goals if you’re sick or incapacitated.

Discussing transitory quarterly returns fades to black.

Bars on a chart pale in comparison.

The journey is what’s meaningful.

Mental and physical health buys a first-class ticket.


Lawrence Yeo says it best.

The problem is that we often fail to see the illusory nature of this story and treat it as gospel until it’s too late. But by punctuating our days with an awareness of the Nothingness of Money, we can make choices that don’t place finances at the helm.

We can leap to do something beautiful.

We can choose fulfilling work over mind-numbing jobs.

We can set aside our portfolios and be present with our loved ones.

None require millionaire status,

Contentment is missing in the portfolios of many of the affluent.

This routine isn’t for everyone.

Time constraints, children, and other obligations interfere.

Get in the habit of spending just 10-20 minutes doing something healthy each morning.

Do it every other day.

Just do it.

The body keeps score.

Consistency moves mountains.

Besides, showering in cold water and holding your breath for 4 minutes makes saving for retirement seem like a breeze.