It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

If North and South Korea can make peace, you can plan for a successful retirement. Start right here by reading this week’s links.

Repeat after me, NEVER LOAD UP ON COMPANY STOCK! Wall Street Journal

Women, divorce, and retirement planning don’t play well together. Standard-Examiner

Our retirement system is prejudiced against women. MarketWatch

Time to get FIRED, Financial Independence Retire Early. California Sunday

Don’t let retirement turn into a disaster. Bloomberg

Many companies get you to transfer your 401(k) into expensive rollover IRA’s. Wall Street Journal

No! Salespeople are selling more indexed annuities. InvestmentNews

Most people don’t know how to properly use their 401(k) plan. HumbleDollar

What are some guidelines to protect your retirement savings? AAII

The suitability standard sucks. A Teachable Moment