It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

Markets go up and markets go down. You have no control over this. Focus on things you can influence. Start by reading this week’s links.

Parents spend too much on their adult children and not enough saving for retirement. CNBC

You are responsible for your own retirement plan. The Belle Curve

Most investments and trusts disappear by the third generation. CNN

When should you fund a Roth IRA? HumbleDollar

Who really benefits from 401(k) plans? Morningstar

Ten states are offering IRA’s for workers with no workplace plan. MarketWatch

Too many people are using their retirement plans as an emergency fund. Barrons

Social Security checks will increase by 2.8% next year. InvestmentNews

Women lose out when they retire with their husbands. Nerdwallet

Some things you can do before year-end to save more for retirement. A Teachable Moment