Compound Your Knowledge With Our Monthly College Links


Those who don’t plan for college plan to be very disappointed. Don’t let this happen to you. Start by reading this month’s terrific links.

College early decision practices may violate anti-trust laws. Wall Street Journal 

Is college worth the cost? A Wealth Of Common Sense.

Student loans should not exceed 10% of graduates after-tax monthly income. Nerdwallet

Student debt leads to negative net worth for Millenials. MarketWatch

Why haven’t American student’s gotten better at reading in twenty years? The Atlantic

Your college scholarship might not be “free.” CNBC

At 70% of colleges, tuition exceeds loan limits. Student Loan Hero

Community College is not a bad choice. The New York Times

How to fix the cumbersome financial aid process. Bill Gates

What is the difference between subsidized vs. unsubsidized student loans? Earnest