It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

Don’t worry about short-term market movements. Keep your eye on the big picture. These links will help you do just that.

Baby Boomers are moving to retirement hot spots again. Wall Street Journal

Crappy Index Annuities will be big winners if the fiduciary rule is permanently overturned. InvestmentNews

Do retiree’s need life insurance? Wall Street Journal

It’s a terrific idea to start a Roth IRA, the new tax rules make it even better. MarketWatch

You absolutely must start planning for your retirement in your 50’s. Journal Of Financial Planning

Roth IRA’s can be a great place for your kids to accumulate a down payment for a home. Forbes

Josh and I have an animated discussion about the fiduciary rule. The Reformed Broker

Don’t overspend on your kid’s travel teams and jeopardize your retirement. A Teachable Moment

Don’t just focus on frugality. Fervent Finance

How Much Do You Really Need To Save For Retirement? The Motley Fool