Great advice from the elderly (People who have seen everything) about money

This is an excerpt from Morgan Housel’s column at the Motley Fool. 1000 people in the their eighties and nineties were interviewed to give advice about money and other matters to the younger generations. Read this for some perspective. Personally I love dealing with money because it is like a big strategy game for me. I am not interested because I want to brag or buy things. I love helping people with their money issues. I can relate to this…

1. Young people obsess about making a lot of money. Older people wonder what they were thinking.

When asked about their prescription for happiness at work, what wasn’t mentioned spoke the loudest. And fancy statistics aren’t necessary because the results are so clear.

No one — not a single person out of a thousand — said that to be happy you should try to work as hard as you can to make money to buy the things you want.

No one — not a single person — said it’s important to be at least as wealthy as the people around you, and if you have more than they do it’s real success.

No one — not a single person — said you should choose your work based on your desired future earning power.

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