This Is For The People Of The Sun

Which doesn’t belong and why?

Pop Culture and Investment Conferences.

The narrative is about to change.

FUTUREPROOF isn’t your parent’s advisor’s echo chamber.

Imagine money, tech, and culture merging onto three stages overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


The presenters, attendees, and sponsors resemble the faces of our diverse country, not a typical corporate boardroom.

Health and wealth are significant components of the festival. Different voices, Yoga, Mediation, and Surf lessons combine to make this a one-of-a-kind experience.

FUTUREPROOF didn’t happen by accident. The festival resulted from tireless, meticulous planning by our firm and many partners.

I’m excited to play a small role in this history-making venture.

Say hello at the Surf City Stage, where I’ll act as MC.

My job description:

The role is reserved for someone comfortable on stage and happy to share housekeeping notes, intro speakers, and sessions.

Unlike my middle school teaching days, the job description doesn’t include dealing with the hijinks of thirty hormonal teenagers.

Hopefully, I won’t have to remove anyone from the stage. LOL

The best part –  my attire consists of wearing a cool T-shirt for three days. A game changer for someone fashion-challenged.

Book a room and get your ticket right here.

What are you waiting for?