Whats More Confusing, Your Cable Bill, Cell Phone Contract Or Variable Annuity?

Recently, I got to sit down with YouTube sensation Yanely Espinal on her popular MissBeHelpful channel.  We covered a wide range of topics concerning teachers and their mostly hideous 403(b) plans.

Included in our chat:

Why are variable annuities the most expensive way on the planet to own a mutual fund?

Are you stupid because you let someone sell you an unnecessary annuity?

Why can’t teachers shop for a 403(b) plan the same way they purchase everything else in their lives?

Why do insurance companies use a divide and conquer strategy in the Non-Erisa 403(b) space?

Why do teacher’s receive no help from their district in signing up for a 403(b) plan?

Why are young teacher’s being screwed in their pensions?

Why are teachers given the advice to eat the equivalent of Coca-Cola and Jelly Beans for dinner?

What is the most important question to ask a financial salesperson?

Warning! Don’t watch this on an empty stomach if the financial exploitation of good people disturbs you