It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

42% of Americans aren’t saving for retirement at all! 1/3 have less than $5,000 put away. If you’re consistently reading our retirement tips you’re probably not in one of these groups. Pay it forward and share this week’s terrific links with someone who really needs your help.

Annuity companies are using The Rolling Stones to sell their products. Financial Planning

48% of Americans over 55 have no retirement savings. CNBC

Some retirees need a sandbox account. The New York Times

Teachers retirement plans are horrific. The DC Line

It might just cost employers $2.64 an hour to solve the retirement crisis. Bloomberg

The Bull market hasn’t fixed public pensions. The Wall Street Journal

A 401(k) loan is usually a bad idea. The White Coat Investor

Is Fox News making your retirement miserable? New York Magazine

6 Tax changes retirees should know. The Wall Street Journal

Here’s a great way to teach young people how to save for retirement. A Teachable Moment