It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?


Jon Snow was lucky. He had his retirement planned for him. He will live out his life with his friends the Wildlings and his loyal Direwolf Ghost in a pre-planned location. You, on the other hand, won’t be so fortunate. Start creating your own strategy by reading this week’s terrific links.

Do you know about this profitable social security strategy? Humble Dollar

Crossword puzzles and Mushrooms are great for retirees. MarketWatch

58% of women 65 and over will need Long-Term Care. Morningstar

The hidden danger in your 401(k). CNBC

9% of married couples have an age gap of ten years or more. Kiplinger

73.5% is the average participation rate in DC plans. The Irrelevant Investor

How much money do you need to be wealthy in America? Bloomberg

76% of Americans don’t know this critical fact about social security. The Motley Fool 

There is a huge tax break for people starting encore careers. Barron’s

7 ways how to spend money for a happy retirement. A Teachable Moment