Everything That’s Wrong With Congress In 14 Minutes

Many Americans despise Congress.

Self-serving, out of touch, conflicted, and condescending are some of the tamer adjectives thrown their way.

Dina and I decided a long time ago average investors are getting screwed.

Unfortunately, the government is part of the problem, not the solution.

The majority of Republicans and many Democrats receive their marching orders from well-funded brokerage and insurance lobbyists, not their constituents.

Dina visited our nation’s capital a few weeks ago to testify about the rampant financial malfeasance infecting K-12 teacher’s 403(b) retirement plans.

Instead of constructive dialogue, Dina was torpedoed with snark, closed-mindedness, and disinterest.

It was a sad day for fiduciary advice.

The bright side is Dina gave as well as she received and we have it all on video.

Master interviewer Barry Ritholtz extracts Dina’s rage against the machine. We also include some incriminating highlights from her testimony.

Introducing our new playlist on The CompoundLesson Plan

Each week we expose the seedy side of financial services. Our primary focus – Teacher’s retirement plans.

Here is our first episode. Enjoy!