It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

Ignore daily market noise. Focus on the things you can control – like reading this week’s amazing links.

Inflation can destroy your retirement plans. The Belle Curve

Did you review your Medicare options? CNBC

How is your retirement plan affected by market volatility? MarketWatch

Americans dream more about retirement rather than make a plan for it. CNBC

Millennials can plan for retirement by doing these four things. Wall Street Journal

Many Americans own target-date funds but don’t understand them. InvestmentNews

Many people don’t buy annuities because they think they are unfair. UCLA Anderson Review

Women have unique issues regarding money that is often ignored. A Teachable Moment

People act very irrationally when they are in a crowd. The Irrelevant Investor

Too many people don’t factor taxes into their retirement plans. The Motley Fool