It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

Retirement planning is a compass, not a map. Let this week’s links help guide you in the right direction.

It’s amazing what small yearly retirement contributions can make. A Wealth of Common Sense

An expensive house can ruin your retirement. Financial Samurai

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to put money in your 401(k). The Wall Street Journal

A history of the 401(k). Quartz

Older Americans are filing for bankruptcy at an alarming rate. MarketWatch 

Look out for overpriced index funds in your retirement plan. Barron’s

Too many retirement plans are leaky. InvestmentNews

You don’t have to max out retirement savings to enjoy a comfortable retirement. The Belle Curve

Compounding does not discriminate. Real$martica

Don’t let politics ruin your non-financial plan. A Teachable Moment