Compounding Knowledge – November’s College Planning Links

Elections and college planning have some similarities. Choosing the right strategy or candidate for a two/four-year cycle is important in both cases. Vote for someone who safeguards your values. Plan for college to protect your wallet. Start by reading this month’s links.


How to use a 529 plan to pay K-12 private school tuition. The U.S. News & World Report

Places where college degrees matter the most. Magnify Money

2018’s best 529 plans. Morningstar

Don’t count on a full scholarship to pay for college. rebalance

Eight helpful ways to deal with Student Loans. Student Loan Hero

Are student loans a failed social experiment? MarketWatch

Savings bonds can be used to pay for college but there are some things to consider. The Wall Street Journal

More people should use 529 plans to pay for college. The Belle Curve

What is the effect of early admission on financial aid? The Wall Street Journal