It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

Working in a family business can be a tension convention. Here’s an idea, How about not working at all? Start by reading this week’s retirement links.

Getting “suitable” advice is a horrific idea regarding retirement planning. Bob Veres

Most financial questions don’t have an answer that’s right for everyone. Humble Dollar

Get ready for more annuities in your 401(k)- UGHHH! InvestmentNews

Kentucky’s government is screwing teacher’s and their pensions. Lexington Herald-Leader

Stay away from these types of financial advisors. MarketWatch

Many women should keep working when their husbands retire. Wall Street Journal

Reverse Mortgages were a better idea a couple of years ago. NerdWallet

Millenials are making a lot of mistakes regarding their retirement planning. USA Today

Don’t ignore asset allocation in your retirement portfolio. CNBC

Big market losses can literally kill you. Los Angeles Times