Compound Your Knowledge-Monthly College Links

Here are this month’s helpful hints on college planning. Please read so you won’t be among the 15% of parents who pay tuition with a credit card!

Going to college is equivalent to an investment returning 15% annually for a working life. The Economist

Should you use a 529 plan to pay for K-12 costs? The Wall Street Journal

What colleges have the highest ROI? ThinkAdvisor

Black students are hit hardest by student debt. MarketWatch

Most parents don’t know how to save for college. Student Loan Hero

The average American save $2,277 by using this college tax credit. The Motley Fool

The states might be in big trouble with this 529 plan change. ITEP

How can you save money on room and board which is 43% of college costs?Student Loan Hero

Can you save for both college and retirement? Las Cruces Sun-News

What is your plan for your college savings if the bear returns? Forbes