It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

Those who fail to plan-plan to fail. Don’t be part of somebody else’s dream. Start planning for retirement now by reading this week’s links.

Do you own gun stocks in your portfolio? It’s complicated. Barrons

There are 3 inexpensive retirement plans for self-employed people. Kiplinger

Life without retirement savings is something you want to avoid. The Atlantic

Many retirees fall for get rich quick schemes. MarketWatch

Working 5 months past your 66th birthday can lead to amazing results. Boston Globe

Paid leave could be financed by reduced social security benefits. The New York Times

Indexed annuities are very misleading and complicated. InvestmentNews

How to find the best volunteer gig in retirement. MarketWatch

Your financial salesperson may not be dishonest, he is just incompetent. A Teachable Moment

Top Earners will pay more for Medicare next year. Wall Street Journal