It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

Patriots and Eagles fans need to make a plan for retirement. So do the people who hate both teams. Enjoy this week’s retirement links.

Just what we need, more insurance companies selling indexed annuities. InvestmentNews

Skiing could threaten your retirement. MarketWatch

Retirement can be like your second childhood. HumbleDollar

Some companies can’t compete with Vanguard so they try to block them. Bloomberg

Make sure you don’t max out your yearly retirement contribution too early. MarketWatch

Retire early and live longer. New York Times

Don’t be an idiot and put your 401(k) balance on social media. MarketWatch

Most financial company commercials are a bunch of garbage. A Teachable Moment

How much risk should you take in your retirement portfolio? FinancialSamurai

Why is the investment business so complex? The Wall Street Journal