Teaching, Women Investors, Bad Retirement Plans, and 80s Punk

Teach and Retire Rich Podcast


Recently, my wife and I had the pleasure of speaking with Dan Otter and Scott Dauenhauer of 403(b)Wise.com  fame.  If you read me regularly, you know that I have the utmost respect for them as they have been tireless in their efforts to educate educators and other non-profit sector employees about the perilous, shark-infested waters surrounding 403(b)s.   Dan, a teacher,  and Scott, a Certified Financial Planner are, what I call, modern-day muckrakers trying to get a dirty mess cleaned up.

They interviewed us for their podcast, Teach and Retire Rich, which you can listen to here.  And just so you don’t get any ideas that we’re a boring crew taking about modern portfolio theory, we shared a lot of laughs while tackling issues such as how to:

  • better educate teachers and women investors, in particular;
  • find a professional to work with that represents your best interests; and
  • avoid the typical land mines.

We even got to delve into the problems of inner-city schools and our (strangely similar) musical tastes.

If you know a teacher or anyone who has a 403b (police officers, firefighters, nurses, and doctors, for example), you may to pass this along.  You’ll be doing them a huge favor.