What are the top 10 financial behaviors?

From pfeef.org  This list sums up the 10 financial items which should most concern you…

2. What are the Top Ten Financial Behaviors?
                      There are many good personal financial behaviors but the most fundamental truth is that one must spend less than one earns, thus sacrificing some spending to invest for one’s future.                       Additional good financial behaviors include:                       Establishing measurable financial goals and realistic plans to achieve them;                      Building and maintaining an emergency fund equal to three months of take-home pay;                       Using a budget to control spending for regular and irregular expenses;                      Maintaining adequate insurance for property, liability, life and health exposures;                      Paying credit card charges in full every month and keeping non-mortgage debt payments below 15 percent of disposable monthly income;                      Saving for retirement through an employer’s tax-sheltered plan at least the amount required to obtain the largest matching contribution and with a Roth IRA account if an employer’s plan is insufficient to achieve a secure retirement;                      Leaving retirement money where it belongs in retirement accounts prior to actually retiring;                       Recognizing that the closer one is to a financial goal that less risk should be taken, and conversely;                      Preparing, and updating as needed, a will, advance directive documents and beneficiary and ownership designations on all financial accounts.