If 2020 Was A Couple, It Would Be Sid And Nancy

It doesn’t take Captain Obvious to figure out 2020 sucked.

People did have more time to sit, think, and observe as they self-isolated.

The pandemic should’ve changed your perspective. It changed mine.

Good Health dwarfs everything. Nothing else is close.

Toilet paper will be the currency of the next apocalypse.

Living with the six feet rule of social distancing with most people post-pandemic might not be so bad.

The media are Ninjas at scaring people to death.

If your biggest problem was the market falling 30% and its impact on a $3 million portfolio, your one of the luckiest people on the planet.

Charlatans will always try to exploit the misery of others.

It’s pretty amazing how fast people can become self-taught Epidemiologists. 

The most important thing we learn from history is huge things constantly happen that nobody predicts or expects.

College basketball blows without fans.

People will gamble on just about anything.

Pets make life better. 

Managing fear and greed are the insurmountable iron laws of investing.

The economy and stock market are completely different animals.

We need to make it easier for smart young people to become Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Technicians. 

There’s a special place in hell for people who hoard necessities and sell them at huge markups. 

There are too many colleges and shopping malls. 

Food industry workers, Nursing Home employees, Truck Drivers, and Delivery People are grossly underpaid and underappreciated.

Walks are very underrated.

Everybody becomes a Socialist during a crisis. 

Nobody misses an 18 inning baseball game. 

You don’t need to go to a gym for a great workout.

Sending checks directly to needy people helps much more than lowering interest rates. 

The path to enlightenment isn’t found on FB, Twitter, or Instagram.

Kids need to physically interact with their teachers and classmates as an essential part of the learning process.

We are much stronger together than apart. 

In 2021, these two should replace Sid and Nancy. We could all use the laughs.



Please, God, don’t let J-Rod win the competition. I’ll die on this hill.

Here’s to a much better year for everybody.

Happy Holidays and thanks so much for reading.