Teacher Money Matters

It’s time for teachers to wrest control of their money from financial predators.

We’re here to help. Introducing Teacher Money Matters: Our new Facebook page and group explicitly designed to meet the financial needs of teachers everywhere.

Our goal is to empower teachers. It’s nearly impossible to get unbiased answers to their personal finance questions in the shark-infested waters of Non-ERISA 403(b) plans.

Teachers’ portfolios are laden with expensive variable annuities and whole life insurance products.

We’re creating a community where educators can feel safe to share their financial issues and ask questions. Offering concrete solutions to their specific needs is our north star.

Our program is in the right place at precisely the right time.

We have decades of experience regarding the financial needs and challenges of educators. Matt has joined us to give a much needed millennial perspective, helping us with younger clients and much more.

As Dina has stated numerously, “We do one thing, and we do it well. We work in the best interests of teachers, empowering them to grow their wealth.”

Here is where things get interesting.

Our firm is laden with industry thought leaders in a variety of subjects. If our 403(b) team can’t adequately answer questions from the community, we can draw on their vast knowledge for non-conflicted assistance.

Our colleagues have a wide range of expertise. These include tax and estate planning, insurance, college scenarios, debt management, budgeting and strategies for divorced couples,

There’s never been a group of like-minded people explicitly dedicated to the fiduciary needs of public school teachers.

Teachers understand the value in creating lesson plans for their students. Let us show you the benefit of creating a lesson plan for your family’s finances.

You can start here by liking our Page and joining our group.

We look forward to helping you in our unique community.

Teacher Money Matters are in our DNA.

Let us help you starting right now.

Start by learning more right here.