I Don’t Like Mondays…..When Is My Retirement?

Retirement planning is all about playing the long game. Short term market losses are the price of success. Read this week’s terrific links and focus on what really matters.

Trading in your retirement accounts during volatile markets is a bad idea. CNBC

We can’t control the Coronavirus but we can control our behaviour. Jonathan Clements

The effects of the Coronavirus on the markets are all guesses at this point. The Atlantic

You should be worried about sleep deprivation. Inc.

Should you buy an annuity? Insight Financial Strategists

Panic will ruin the most well thought out plan. Fortune

Vanguard investors don’t panic. The Irrelevant Investor

Don’t do these things during a market correction. A Wealth Of Common Sense

Smart exercise keeps you young longer. Pocket

Don’t count on that inheritance. N.Y. Post