I Don’t Like Mondays…..When Is My Retirement?

This week we taught a 5-day mini-course to a group pf H.S. Students. Imagine if you had this opportunity when you were their age? Instead of crying over spilt milk, do the next best thing.  Read this week’s terrific retirement links and make up for some lost time.

57% of Social Security recipients pay a penalty. The Belle Curve

You’re never too old to apply for a mortgage. The Wall Street Journal

The SECURE Act will affect most retirees. Retirement Field Guide

Stop worrying about the market and spend 2 hours a week visiting nature. PBS

Don’t make this mistake when making IRA withdrawals. CNBC

Four changes for Social Security in 2020. Yahoo

Five ways technology will change how we age. The Financial Bodyguard

This 102-year-old is finally ready to retire. NPR

The Stretch IRA is dead. InvestmentNews

Life satisfaction rises with more money. The Big Picture