Monday’s Coming Like A Jail On Wheels…When Is My Retirement?

What does the trade deal mean for a long term retirement plan? Absolutely Nothing! Read about what really matters in this week’s terrific links.


Most would be better off is they received their social security statements in the mail. CNBC

You can buy a retirement home in Italy for $1.11.  Wall Street Journal

How to maintain your lifestyle in retirement. The Irrelevant Investor

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Want to have a healthier retirement? Surround yourself with plants. Fast Company

Student loans are killing some retirement plans. Yahoo Finance

Are new laws making it too easy to access retirement funds? InvestmentNews

Don’t create an estate plan like Tom Petty. RollingStone

60-70% of 18-34-year-olds rely upon financial assistance from their parents. MarketWatch 

Don’t let a financial salesperson steer you the wrong way. A Teachable Moment