Ring! Ring! It’s 7 A.M.! ………. When Is My Retirement?

Instead of stuffing your face on Thanksgiving, try filling your retirement plan with heaping portions of tax-deferred dollars. Don’t end up like the Turkey on your plate. Start by reading this week’s terrific links.

Many public pension plans are a disaster. The Economist

Older workers often try to hide their age. The Wall Street Journal

Only 52% of Americans don’t own stocks or stock funds inside or outside a retirement account. Chicago Tribune

The SEC doesn’t like what it sees in teacher’s retirement plans. The Wall Street Journal

Almost 40% of retirees have more stock than they should in their 401(k). MarketWatch

Supporting adult children can wreck your retirement. CNBC

This New England Patriot is a super saver. People

A proposed new law would allow tax-free withdrawals to buy long-term care insurance. InvestmentNews

Lending cash to loved ones isn’t a great idea. Bankrate

Guaranteed Interest accounts have huge hidden costs. A Teachable Moment