I Had No Idea

Five years ago, as I drove to my teaching job, I would listen to Bloomberg Radio (and was particularly excited whenever Barry Ritholtz was a guest host).

I had no idea that, some years later, Dina and I would be a part of the Ritholtz Wealth Management team AND would be featured on one of Bloomberg’s hottest shows, ETF IQ.

We’ve made it our mission to educate teachers about their 403(b) plans and caution them to carefully select the person they work with and the investments they choose.

I had no idea how many people we would reach in such a short time.

Most surprising was the number of salespeople who credited my blog as a catalyst for them to switch careers so they could put investors’ needs first.

We were happy to have the support of Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu and Eric Balchunas, who felt this story deserved some air time.

After we had wrapped up the interview, Scarlet thanked us for appearing and, regarding the conflicted state of 403(b) plans, remarked, “I had no idea.”

We’re hoping to change that.