Money Streaming Lessons for The Ninja Generation

YouTube is on a mission of world domination.

The question is when they will rule the digital world, not if.

Don’t believe me?

YouTube is the default setting on millions of Gen Z smartphones, and it has no rival.

Having two teenagers makes me somewhat of an expert in this space.  YouTube is their Wizard of Knowledge, running the gamut from math homework tutorials to streaming gamers. They are addicted.  This is both good and bad.

Let’s focus on the smartphone half full.  This is a terrific opportunity to teach kids about money.

Imagine Twitch Streamers navigating financial challenges instead of gaming strategies.  Forward-thinking firms are doing this with their parents.  We have our own outside the box channel, The Compound – which is growing like gangbusters.

My friend, Yanely Espinal, has MissBeHelpful.

She teaches young people the do’s –  and especially the don’ts –  of money management.  She does it in a relatable and entertaining manner for the Ninja generation. (If you don’t know who he is, ask a random teenager.)

Her theme is: “We all make mistakes, but all that matters is learning from them.”

Yanely walks the walk; she managed to rid herself of tens of thousands of credit card debt, which gives her enormous street cred.

Yanely recently visited our NYC office.  We recorded a pretty cool video. Be warned – lots of yelling, handwaving and, most importantly, awesomeness from Yanely.

She is the millennial version of me; Dina pointed out she looks just like my younger sister!

We discussed:

  • Starter investments for young people;
  • How to choose a financial advisor;
  • The importance of investing in oneself;
  • The damaging effects of reverse compounding; and
  • Why young people are richer than Warren Buffet.

Plus much, much, more!

I can’t think of a better holiday gift than forwarding this video to EVERY young person you know.

Their hero, Tyler ‘Ninja” Blevins, makes more than $500,000 a month playing Fortnite.

It’s time for them to learn how to stream their own income instead of paying it to him.