It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

If your retirement plan is dependent on the outcome of a trade war with China, it’s time to get a new plan. Start right here with this week’s terrific links.

Steady retirement spending is a myth. The New York Times

The average retiree spends $3,800 a month. Barron’s

It’s a myth that everyone used to have a pension. A Wealth Of Common Sense

Retirement widows face unique challenges. InvestmentNews

Tips on how to handle financial blunders. BusinessInsider

Some possible major year-end retirement savings legislation may be on the way. 401kSpecialist

Don’t forget to do this in your retirement account before the year ends. CNBC

Stop buying so much stuff. HumbleDollar

Don’t let brokerage firms do this to your retirement account. The San Francisco Chronicle

Don’t let your fantasy world ruin your retirement. A Teachable Moment