From Disinterested to Fully Engaged


Dina here …

For the better part of my career in the financial world, I was somewhat of a disinterested investor.  Even though contributions were made to my retirement account, bills were paid on time, debt was kept manageable, credit cards were paid on time, and the bank account was never overdrawn – I wasn’t fully engaged.

What drew me in was not my own situation, but my father’s illness that left my mother in need of help.  Suddenly, it was critical that I step up my knowledge and involvement.  The urgency (for someone else’s benefit) was just the push that I needed and it changed everything, right down to my career path.

I spoke with Tara Siegel Bernard, personal finance reporter for The New York Times for my podcast, On Her Mind, and discovered a kindred spirit.  She, too, did not set out with the goal of writing about personal finance, but as her knowledge grew she found herself “aching to write about people and their stories” and ultimately started writing for a broader audience.

That authenticity enables her to reach readers and inspire them to take a more active role in their financial lives.

As a female, she is in a unique position to demystify personal finance for women.  As a working mother with young children, she faces similar challenges that many can relate to, which makes her advice practical.

If you know a disinterested investor, share the podcast and introduce them to Tara’s column.  That might be the nudge they need to get going in the right direction.