It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

Don’t let a financial hurricane destroy your retirement. Start planning now by reading this week’s links.

Merril Lynch decided to change its mind about commissions. I wonder why?? InvestmentNews

You can avoid the tax penalty for early retirement withdrawals with this strategy. CNBC

Spending and saving are much more important than market returns when planning for retirement. Random Roger

Your spending will dictate your savings. Nerd’s Eye View

Can Elephants teach us about retirement? MarketWatch

Many companies recruit ex-teachers to sell inappropriate retirement products to their colleagues. Financial Planning

Don’t speculate with your retirement funds. A Teachable Moment. 

More people should participate in HSA’s. The Belle Curve

Use prospective hindsight to jump start retirement savings. USA Today 

Some people retire REAL early. How do they do it? The New York Times