It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

Divorce is a retirement killer. This week’s links may not improve your marriage but they won’t hurt it either. Read on…

Ending a marriage can be as destructive as the Great Recession. USA Today

Do you really need a big home in retirement? Barron’s 

Why do women retire earlier if they live longer than men? The New York Times

Most rely way too much on Social Security in retirement. MarketWatch

The InvestmentNews created another version of my Retirement Pyramid. InvestmentNews

Why do less educated men retire younger? Squared Away Blog 

The new Supreme Court Nominee has saved virtually nothing for retirement. MarketWatch

The Great Recession hangover is still plaguing many retirement accounts. CNBC

More nudges are needed in retirement plans. Financial Advisor

Base your retirement plan on goals not beating the market. Vanguard