It’s Sunday Again…..When Is My Retirement


Dina and I will both be in California next week at the most talked about Investment Conference of the year- EBI West. We will both be speaking on panels with some amazing people. Check this out.

Here are this weeks retirement links. Stay tuned for Facebook updates. Please like my page and stay in touch.


Some great Social Security Tips. HumbleDollar 

We need immigrants to help save Social Security. The Wall Street Journal

You still have to pay plenty of taxes in retirement. Here are some great tips to lower them. MarketWatch

Inflation is not a good thing for retirees. Forbes

If you are thinking of working part-time in retirement please read this. CNBC

Borrowing on margin usually ends badly. MarketWatch

Dying at your desk isn’t a retirement plan. Washington Post

Lottery tickets won’t make you happy. Real$martica

Many retirees and others own too big of a home. A Teachable Moment

Buying Bitcoin may not be the road to an early retirement. The Irrelevant Investor