The Easiest Way To Follow My Stuff

Twitter is pretty cool but Facebook is where the people are. At least those of us over 40.

Markets nerds like me can sometimes be delusional.  99.5% of the population has ZERO interest in things like factor investing and the CAPE ratio.

This is where Facebook comes in. Over 2 billion monthly users think this is a great place to hang out and keep things simple.

Despite the self-indulgent posts and delusional highlight reels, there is an opportunity here.

If I can send out an easy to read chart, or a quick quote that makes investing relatable, it’s a win/win.

There is enough fake financial news out there and God knows we all need to become more financially literate.

Follow me here at Tony Isola @teachablemomenttony

Not only will you get all of my latest posts but also curated and simplified stuff from all the amazing people I know and follow.

Maybe you can help me decide whether we should get a Pug puppy?- Please leave Dina out of this debate or I could be injured.

Looking forward to seeing everybody!