It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

Here are this weeks retirement links. Read, learn, apply, and enjoy!

You have reached the tipping point when your annual contributions start to match your average yearly gains. HumbleDollar

WTF? New Jersey just increased the expected rate of future returns for it’s struggling pension system. Reuters

There could be some changes coming to Social Security. InvestmentNews

Some more reasons most people should not buy annuities. MarketWatch

A new mandatory retirement account is on the horizon. MarketWatch

Only 37% of working millennials have retirement accounts. Barrons

Five important facts to know about Roth IRA’s. EdSlott

You don’t necessarily have to work to contribute to an IRA. CNBC

Auto IRA’s for workers of small companies is a good idea. Of course, the financial service industry hates it. Bloomberg

Your retirement portfolio should be 25X your first year’s withdrawal. Schwab