The costs of weddings are out of control

Not only for the bride and groom but especially for the guests. The average price for a guest to attend a wedding is $539!!(  If a young person attends twenty  weddings over three years that is a cost of  $10,000.Here is the real kicker also from …. Even so, the pressure to attend the…

What are 6 signs you should hire a financial advisor?

Most people ignore, ask uninformed people, or try to do it themselves. For the most part this does not work. Most people can go work out at the gym but if they want better results they hire a quality trainer. It is the same with money. Check and see if you fall under any of…

Do you feel overwhelmed by investment choices?

From Carl Richards Investing comes with so many choices today. At the beginning of 2013, there were more than 7,000 mutual funds to choose from. The number of exchange-traded funds crossed 1,500 in 2013. When you add all the share classes, these funds are available with close to 25,000 options, and that’s just a start….

What is the woman tax?

Women on average pay about $1350 more a year than men for similar goods and services. This is huge over a lifetime. Check out the specifics here

What are the golden rules for creating an invesment portfolio?

The number one rule is not relying on economic forecasts. The simple reason is they are usually wrong. The only people who get things right are what you might call the permanent bears or bulls. These are people who always have the same opinion no matter what is happening. They either think everything is terrific…