Every Day Is Like Monday…..When Is My Retirement?

We don’t choose when we live but we can choose how we live. Make the right choice for your retirement by reading this week’s terrific links.


Beware – Annuity rates are plunging. MarketWatch

Market crashes can be much worse for retirees. A Wealth of Common Sense

Elder fraud may explode during the Pandemic. InvestmentNews

How should you deal with Social Security during the outbreak? Morningstar

Now is a great time for retirees to lower their auto premiums. New York Times

How does the CARES Act change 403(b) distributions? 403bwise

Some smart moves for your 401(k). Forbes

Single women face different challenges in retirement than men. Financial Advisor

Intermittent fasting should be a part of every retiree’s portfolio. Big Think

Retirement can be a good time to refinance your mortgage. A Teachable Moment