48 Hours Needs 48 Thrills….. It’s Monday Again When Is My Retirement?

While the Iowa Caucus turned into a complete fiasco, your retirement plan doesn’t have to. Read this week’s links and learn a few things.


Here’s how you can work around recent stretch IRA restrictions. CNBC

You can retire on a cruise ship. The Washington Post

Some states are trying to fix our retirement crisis. Barron’s

The SEC is sweeping teachers 403(b) plans and finding lots of bad stuff. Financial Advisor

What type of retirement saver are you? A Wealth Of Common Sense

Budgeting during retirement can be tricky. MarketWatch

Will Marijuana help shore up struggling pension funds? The Wall Street Journal

It’s a bad idea to use a bank’s financial adviser. next avenue

Is it a bad thing more seniors are in the job market? The Irrelevant Investor

The U.S. life expectancy is rising. Axios