It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement

J.Lo and A-Rod are engaged! If they stay married, their retirement will be happier. healthier, and wealthier (as will yours). J-Rod probably won’t read this week’s retirement links. What’s your excuse???

Investing in Real Estate inside your 401(k) is a bad idea. The White Coat Investor

The intent of the 401(k) was supposed to be an extra savings plan – and nothing more. IC

Your adult children need money the most between ages 25-75. Barron’s

Will the new Congress increase your social security check and lower the age to be eligible for Medicare? MarketWatch

What’s the deal with RMD’s? Morningstar

Vanguard dominates the target-date fund market. InvestmentNews

Health care costs are keeping many people from retiring earlier. CNBC

There’s still time to contribute to a 2018 IRA. Independent Thought

Mentoring will make your retirement happier and healthier. The New York Times

Follow the leader isn’t a sound plan for retirement. A Teachable Moment