It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

President’s week edition- Our Chief Executive has plenty or retirement perks. You don’t. Read this week’s awesome links to give yourself an edge.

It’s impossible to eliminate all risk in your retirement plan. The Irrelevant Investor

Here’s how to make retirement more romantic. MarketWatch

Older American are cheated out of almost $3 billion a year. CNBC

You can Catch -Up if you are behind in funding your retirement. The Belle Curve

It might not be a good idea to move during retirement. HumbleDollar

Take care of yourself first before paying for college. Forbes

Don’t believe the fear mongers concerning Social Security. MarketWatch

Teachers 403(b) plans are the worst. Morningstar

Many people underestimate life expectancies in retirement. The Wall Street Journal

Some States are creating their own rules to protect retirement investors. A Teachable Moment