It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

It’s estimated $5.42 Billion was wagered on the most recent Super Bowl. Imagine if that money went into people’s retirement accounts instead? Start making better decisions by reading this week’s terrific links.

People tend to choose their retirement investments by funds at the top of the alphabetic lists. MarketWatch

People will always fall for getting rich quick schemes. Medium

74% of retirement success has to do with your savings rate. Of Dollars And Data

Your legacy is more important than your portfolio. Vanguard

The best investment you can make might be travel. Pragmatic Capitalism

The interest rate on your savings account is much higher than you think. Barron’s

Be very careful if you decide to attend a retirement dinner seminar. Kiplinger

For some, it might make sense to take Social Security early. Fox Business

The biggest Roth IRA’ on the planet. Bloomberg

Look out for these fees in your retirement account. A Teachable Moment