It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

Maybe I should send these out to members of the Trump administration. Like some us, retirement may come sooner than we anticipated.

The worst financial companies keep you from accessing your own funds. New York Times 

Don’t receive a failing grade for your retirement. MarketWatch

A Day of Infamy for Investors. Court rules against the fiduciary rule. Wall Street Journal

Why do the 1% hate pensions so much? New York Times

B shares and companies that use them suck. Morningstar

Most financial advisors are not what they say they are. MarketWatch

Why are your brokerage statements undecipherable? Forbes

Just because it’s an index fund doesn’t mean it’s cheap. CNBC

Social Security is screwing many widows and widowers. Next Avenue

Don’t give out your friend’s contact info to salespeople. Real$martica