It’s Monday Again…..When Is My Retirement?

With a proper financial plan, normal market corrections should have no effect on the outcome. Read this week’s links and choose knowledge over fear.

Is there a way to figure out your advisor’s fees? Wall Street Journal

It’s possible making the right social security choice could be worth $1 million. HumbleDollar

Employers might not realize they could get in big trouble if your 401(k) has high fee choices. InvestmentNews

Would you liquidate your 401(k) to go to the Super Bowl? This guy did. MarketWatch

Here is a low cost way to hire someone to help you plan for retirement. New York Times

Not smart. Last week many retirement investors sold their stocks. Barron’s

A lot of people liked my market crash index card. MarketWatch

You need a plan BEFORE the sh*t hits the fan. A Wealth of Common Sense

Despite a cold, I rip apart the current state of K-12 retirement plans. Next Gen Personal Finance

Wealth is not money. It’s the option to buy what you need. Dan Egan