The Fox, The Wolf, and The Sheep

My friends, Dan Otter, and Scott Dauenhauer over at 403bwise have been fighting the good fight against the big insurers for as long as I can remember. In fact, their site inspired me to start our business. I thought I was the only one out there who saw these awful retirement products for what they are.

My wife Dina and I are so excited to work with our friends to fight the good fight and protect the retirement accounts of millions of hard working public school teachers across the nation.

We have only just begun.  With the the help of Tara Siegel Bernard, personal finance reporter at the NYT, we are beginning to see the fruits of our labor.

We have met some of the best people on the planet in our united cause to stop teachers from being ripped off. This includes Dave Grant, and the original Warrior Steve Schullo, PhD. He is the real deal. It is hard to intimidate an ex-marine who won a purple heart in Vietnam!

We all have one important thing in common, we are doing this because it is the right thing to do. This mission is ingrained in our souls.

Today, Dina and I did a presentation in front of 100 teachers on Long Island. Dina provided the sugar, and I laid down the hammer. Faculty meetings are known for teachers’ bolting for the door as soon as the bell rings.

We had to tell them to leave. They were captivated by a message they had always heard from the wrong messengers.

“Your ignorance of complex financial products has been exploited by salespeople. Your wealth has been suppressed by the egregious fees these products contain.”

I continued, “Education is the first step toward rebellion, and that rebellion starts today!” To put it mildly, this was a “different” take from the usually stale 403(b) presentations they had become accustomed to.

We taped part of it. Stay tuned for some clips.

I absolutely LOVE doing this stuff. If you are interested in hearing us speak, let me know. I promise you one thing, boredom is not on the agenda.

The Battle has just begun but we have created some awesome allies. Stay tuned for more news about some exciting joint ventures with our partners.

Dan’s wonderfully talented son created this video based on something I said in our podcast. He gave me credit but the shout out goes to Josh.

Watch this and stay frosty.

Things are going to get real hot out there and we will be generating most of the heat.